31 Ways to Eat and Slim #26

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

26) Mind the menu.

Basically this tip states that no one can eat at home 100% of the time. Self says that dining out can be twice as many calories as making it at home so be prepared when you go. Look online ahead of time for nutrition information and make better choices at the restaurant.

My skinny - Doesn't this sound familiar? Um yeah it's post #11. Again isn't this supposed to be 31 ways not rehashing the same thing? So anyways. See Post 11 and here's another tip. When you do go out to half of the portion because it's the true portion size and take the other to go. Box it up right away if you need to. Also, if you are a bread eater...tell them to take it away...that way you aren't tempted and rack on more calories, fat, etc eating before the meal. Go somewhere with a salad bar and load up. Ruby Tuesdays has a great salad bar. I once got only a chicken breast and ate the salad bar and it was under 10 win!

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