31 Ways to Eat and Slim #6

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

6) Treat yourself right.

Basically this tip is telling you that treats are okay. Self says whether your guilty pleasure is potato chips or ice cream, feel free to polish off a serving. They say it's okay to use 150 calories on a treat.

My skinny - Something doesn't add up here. Okay, we have all seen the 100 calorie prepackaged cookies, crackers, chips, etc. Are you really satisfied after one of those little bags? No. (If you are, you deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for your self control) Okay here is the deal with cookies, cake, candy, chips, etc. If you don't eat it ... you don't crave it. If you are someone who eats little candies around the office on a daily basis, try avoiding it for an entire week (I am not saying the beginning isn't rough) but seriously once you make it past that 7 day period. You will forget about the candy for good. That is also how people can make the South Beach Diet work. Believe me the beginning of SB is a nightmare because you are breaking the carb craving. Once it's gone, you don't even care that you are "restricting" yourself from carbs. I

Also gee thanks Self for telling me it's okay to use 150 calories on junk...what if I'm only eating 1000 calories a day or even 1500...calories are precious .... PRECIOUS! This goes back to tip #1. If you write it down and keep track, maybe you will realize that you have some extra calories out there to use, but going it alone and thinking sure this is 150 calories I can have will lose track and end up overeating or drinking too much for your caloric intake.

My suggestion is to try and stop the bad habit of snacking. You can do it!


  1. they write that crap so that the reader feels better about themselves but never loses weight- thus needing to purchase next months magazine with yet another weight loss plan in it. boo. i agree with you that once you say bye-bye to the crap- you don't want it back!

  2. Well honestly when I did WW it was nothing but them talking about what cookies you COULD have for 1 point and etc. I would get pissed and be like REALLY?!? I don't need cookies! That is why I am here! There's always a marketing scheme out there but really I think they try to get people motivated by not restricting everything all at once. Easing your way into better eating. But come on it's really all or nothing people so suck it up and don't eat the cookie. You won't die!


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