31 Ways to Eat and Slim #15

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

15) Make it stick.

Basically this tip is congratulating you on making it to the half way mark. Self says to take a moment to reminisce about the ups and downs of your previous trim-down efforts and think of failed attempts as entry points for learning, look where you struggled and make deliberate changes. Examples, if you used to raid the vending machine at 3:00, buy healthy snacks to take to work, if happy hour was your Achilles' heel, invite friends to Spin class instead.

My Skinny - Okay I am all about live and learn. The whole part of losing weight is to find out what is right for you. Try something and see what happens, if it works stick with it, if not make changes, look for new ways, try new things. All in all stay positive! If you do a weird combination of Weight Watchers, South Beach and Calorie Counting and it works...good for you. There isn't just one way to lose weight ... also be creative try to come up with your own ideas. It can be rewarding to know that it was all your idea and it worked.

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