Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

(a little Willy Wonka quote for you)

Today was my first day of NO sweet and low and I've done it.  I've survived a day at work without it and NO trips to Starbucks.  It can be done can be done.  My drink of choice now...water!  Yep doesn't that just sound delicious and refreshing?  That it is, I assure you, no wait I assure myself...or at least that is what I am TRYING to convince myself.  I've noticed that I've not actually consumed as much water today to how much Starbucks I would consume two issues...1) I was drinking ENTIRELY too much Starbucks and 2) I'd apparently would rather die of dehydration than drink mere water.  So looking back on day one I just need to have my water bottle filled up and perched on my desk ready to drink and soon Starbucks and sweet and low will be a fond distant memory...

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