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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My closet went from embarrassing to amazing but I felt like it needed just a tad more help....
Still a mess waiting to move itself onto the floor..

I found these at Target.  2 Fabric Drawers on sale for 10.99 (reg price 12.99) There weren't many colors to choose from and no black (unless you bought them individually for 5.99) These navy were cheaper so ahem...of course I went with these.
Here's the drawer's the improvement!  The stuff in the middle (workout clothes) will hopefully remain nicely folded...did you just laugh because I did.  I'm hoping that these two cubes will be okay because the drawers are too small to fit all these clothes.  So here's hoping ... also maybe I don't need 8 million pairs of workout pants....I know exactly what I was thinking too...get rid of some of it!!
I actually went to Target in search for these magazine holders currently on sale for $2.50.  
I bought a couple, one for bridal magazines, one for Self and one for other miscellaneous magazines.  I normally have a range of blogs that I am working on and this will help me keep some of the mess in order.

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  1. LOVE IT!!! thats really awesome and I did laugh about the workout clothes staying folded;)


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