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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

As you all know I am trying to slim down hence the countless blog posts about it. So not only do I want to slim down to be healthier and to look better, I want to slim down to wear all of these below which I also was reminded that I had while battling out the organization in my walk-in closet....

Let me just start off by saying that I have an obsession with Victoria Secret Semi-Annual clearance. I never buy anything from VS until then. So last year (since the last Semi-Annual sucked and didn't yield anything new) I bought all of these for 1.99 a piece and even some smaller sizes with the hopes of slimming down. So my goal is to be able to wear all of these!

Since I'm all about organization. I broke them down into stacks...
Here are the ones currently too small! One day people ONE DAY!

Okay below are the ones that "fit" but I need to lose just a little more...
All together as you can see there are a lot but again...$1.99 each! 
(Also don't laugh at our seasonal bed spread!)
Up close sorry they are just sooo pretty!

Like I said...TMI but this is what I wear normally (below). Black boy I just can't wait for all these pretty ones to fit!
If all my other reason for slimming down weren't enough...this by far is reason itself!

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  1. can I just say that I am jealous of your underwear collection?!?!?! seriously!


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