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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Quiz (Self June 2010) "Do your cravings control you?"
Ever taken a quiz in a magazine and none of the answers in the multiple choice apply to you?  I feel like this happens to me constantly.  Am I being too critical?  Probably.  My tip is answer to the best of your ability, think back to previous encounters or pose the question of if this happened to me today what would I do, so here we go...
1.  When a coworker brings cupcakes for her birthday, you...
A Decide to have one (it's my treat for the day) and savor every crumb.
B Eat two at the party and then return to my desk stuffed.  I feel a little sick from all of that sugar and wish I'd stopped at one.
C Vow to abstain but down a whole one before the party is over.  Later, I sneak back for another, because I've already blown it.

Before I start my analysis of the three options let me first admit that this is a scenario that happens too FREQUENTLY at our firm.  Not only is there lucheon leftovers and runners bringing in sweets, there is "Cake Day" at the end of every month with two DIFFERENT kinds of birthday cakes to celebrate that month's birthdays.

Okay so now on to the 3 options.  I'm assuiming that I'm supposed to answer in my present state and Shia today would say no thanks OR since this just happened to me last week, one of the new associates who I've dubbed the name "Peter Campbell" [Mad Men reference WATCH THE SHOW!!] came up to my office and offered me a red velvet cupcake.  Shia here of sound mind and working on her sound body quickly stated no thanks...he of course being the nice guy that he is INSISTED.  So I did cave BUT I had him cut me off a PIECE...a bite.  Seriously though, had it been ANYONE other than "Peter Campbell" I would have had no problem saying no...REALLY no lie.  About two weeks ago, our "General Services Coordinator" (really Taller THAT is her title...LOL) came into my office with this tray of AMAZING brownies.  I wanted one more than life itself.  BUT I said no...she insisted (I swear she even moved that tray closer to my face) yet I held my ground.  Might I add that I had been craving a brownie for like a week and she shoved them right in my face and I said no.

Anyways back to the options...before last Friday, I would have said none apply.  But since never might not actually mean NEVER, I would have to say A. (+2)

2.  After a stressful day at work, you....
A Call a friend on my walk home to complain about my crazy boss.
B Take a detour to the gym to sweat away some tension, then pop some M&Ms.
C Help myself to lasagna, wine and Real Housewives marathon, polishing off a pint of ice cream while I zone out.

I would have to say C. (+1)  However, it wouldn't be lasagna but probably some other type of "horrible" food, no wine but I could see there being some ice cream involved and DEFINITELY some Bravo tv.

3. You eat while doing something else such as watching tv, driving, reading or checking email...
A Hardly ever.  I like eating in peace.
B Fairly often - mostly when life gets hetic and I'm really busy.
C All the time.  I'm always eating.

Okay so here I would have went with all the time...but I'm not ALWAYS eating.  So since Paul and I normally watch tv during dinner or on a long night at work I've drove while eating my dinner.  I would say B. (+2)

4.  If you had to give up pizza for a month, what would you do at the end of those pie-free weeks?
A I'd never give up my 'za!  I would stick to one slice instead of going cold turkey.
B I'd have three slices in one sitting and probably feel a little guilty for the splurge.
C I'd eat pizza until my pants felt tight.

None of these really apply to me.  Anything I have ever given up which made it's way back in has done so slowly over time or not at all.  For example, a while back Kenzie and I gave up fast food for 40 days.  On the 41st day did I run back and eat every thing in sight fast food related? No.  Actually, since then I haven eaten at a lot of the fast food places I used to.  Taco Bell for instance, I can't even remember the last time I've eaten there, it has been so long.  Also, I'm all about cold turkey, as you can see I just gave up Sweet&Low cold turkey and I'm pretty good at not caving in.  So on this one..None (+0)

5.  When you are shopping and walk by the food court, you....
A Pass right by.  I need both hands to snag the best bargains.
B If I'm really hungry or stressed, I grab somthing; I need energy to face the crowds.
C Buy a giant cookie from Mrs. Fields.  I can't pass the kiosk without desperately desiring my chocolate fix.

Again nothing applies...I'm not tempted by the food court.  I've never made shopping about food.  I was too involved in wasting money besides when do I ever go to the mall nowadays...NEVER!  I got the Jew Fund to look after.  But if I did go to the mall, I would say A. (+3)

6. How fast would your friends say that you eat?
A At a snail's pace.  They're ready for a dessert menu while I'm still working on my entrée.
B Average - I'm done when everyone else is.
C At lightening speed!  I'm a card-carrying member of the first finished club.

This question is pretty misleading.  What if your friend is a slow eater and then you look like a fast eater compared to her?  Well I would say B for me, Paul and I usually finish eating about the same time or I'm a little slower.  (+2)

7.  How often do you feel hungry?
A Before most meals and snacks.
B Occasionally, when I wait a while between meals or work out really hard.
C Hardly ever.

I would have to say B.  I can go forever sometimes without eating then I am starving or after I work out I won't be hungry then I'll be starving later or even the next day (after eating a light dinner).  (+2)

8.  You leave the table when....
I'm not too full, but I am satisfied
I've reached my diet's daily calorie limit.
My belly feels as if it's bursting and I need to change into sweats.

I would have to say A.  If I'm done...I'm done.  I don't usually over do it, but it does occasionally happen. (+3)

9.  If you have treats at your desk...
A I dig in when I really want to, but sometimes they go bad before I get to them.
B I have to hide them to avoid nibbling.  Out of sight out of mind.
C I can't stop thinking about them and clean out the stash within a day.

None apply.  I don't keep food at my desk.  If there's's lunch. (+0)

10.  When you're done eating a dish at your favorite restaurant, you look down at your plate and think....
Cha-ching!  Leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
B that was delish, but by the end, it didn't taste as good as I thought it would.  I should have quit eating sooner.
C Wow, where did all that food go?  The whole meal was a blur, and I can't believe I ate all of it (But I still want dessert.)

So I'm thinking of Carabbas, I always get the same thing and when I'm done I'll think ... I really could have just eaten half of it.  Recently, I did eat half and take the leftovers old microwaved alfredo...not so good but hey at least I only ate half of it the night before!  So I would go with B.  (+2)

11.  How much do you identify with this statement?  "The foods I really want to eat are "bad", and I'll feel terrible after I eat them."
A Not at all like me.  I know I can eat anything I want in moderation.
B I feel this way about certain high-calorie meals, but not all of them.
C This sounds like my inner monologue whenever I'm deciding what to eat.

Normally, I eat pretty well balanced meals.  It's when I let cravings dictate meals that I over do it.  For example, I went out to dinner the other night and cravings lead me to chicken strips and a baked potato (both of which I haven't had in sometime)  Neither of which ended up being worth it but I ate it knowing it was "bad".  I would say B (+2)

12.  Do you ever eat a big lunch on autopilot and get mad at yourself?
A Never or rarely.
B Sometimes, when I've overdone it.
C Often or most of the time.  I wish I could have more control.

I would say A (+3)

Scoring: 3 points for A; 2 points for B; 1 point for C

Cravings Master (20-30) "You know when to give in to your cravings--and when not to.  You eat when you're hungry, drop the fork when you're full and derive true satisfaction from as occasional indulgence.

Inconsistent Craver (14-19) "You have a fairly balanced diet but sometimes overeat, particularly when stressed or tempted.  Use some ideas from "Mind Over Munchies" (tomorrow's blog) to shore up trouble spots.

Kamikaze Craver (10-13) "You often feel out of control around food, snack in secret, struggle with portion size and can't stop after a few bites.  Consider meeting with a counselor who specializes in food issues (find out at and learn to tune in to your hunger and eat with awareness using the techniques attached.  (tomorrow's blog)

Let me just say that I received 21 points therefore I am a "Cravings Master".  Um no!  I am not.  Sure I do have SOME of the qualities of the "Cravings Master" but I also feel like I can be like "Inconsistent Craver" or "Kamikaze Craver".  If I do submit to the cravings sometimes it can be BAD.  Granted I've been doing really well lately but I'd really like to safely fall into category of NON-CRAVER!  So tomorrow I will be posting all about how to control the cravings.  I apologize for leaving you hanging but this was seriously a long blog and took me ALL DAY!

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