Closet... Embarrassing to Amazing!

Monday, August 16, 2010

So my closet has always gone from neat and tidy to nightmare over time.  The main issues were I had too much stuff I was never going to wear or use again in there, stuff just didn't have a proper place and constantly just wound up on the floor and there was just wasted space.

Sad sad SAD sight... I know hence the fix!
This shoe storage was absolutely wasted space and effort.  
My shoes wind up downstairs where I put them on and take 
them off so this is going to the down stairs closet.
The space between these two storage compartments just screamed...
stuff unwanted things here.  Which is where all my "winter" clothes wound up.
There are some that I wouldn't carry again if my life depended on it.  
So guess what...I'm getting rid of them.  
More bags...a tote full of totes...
Old jeans and stuff.  
I took all these pants down and eliminated the ones that 
I'll never wear again and the ones that I can now 
fit in from losing weight.  HOLLA!  I found some capri pants that fit 
and I just got rid of some that are falling off from losing weight.  See cleaning pays off!

There is a floor!!
As you can see, I moved the shelf unit over to where the shoe storage 
was and utilized the small space to store my beautiful damask bed 
set and the tote full of totes.  Also used some of the blue boxes to store 
blog stuff, magazines and notebooks.

My favorite part of my closet now is shown below....
My purses neatly piled...more blue storage boxes with odds and ends.
My "winter" wardrobe neatly organized 
More blue storage bins with odds and ends which are all labeled for convenience.  
Books, photographs and ALL organized!
See something familiar?  I hung up my blog stuff.

All in all I would say that I actually enjoyed fixing this mess.  The end result was amazing!  If you have a messy closet I suggest you just take a couple of hours each weekend to fix it and when your done you'll just be overjoyed!  Not only is this space completely organized.  I got rid of a lot of junk that I didn't need anymore.


  1. TA DA!!!It is AWESOME! I love the flower arrangment in there and the blue of the boxes, so much better!!

  2. When I thought about putting that flower arrangement up there in that weird corner...I was like OMG Taller would be so proud!


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