Thursday, August 26, 2010

So as of tomorrow (Friday) I am on vacation until Wednesday!  Believe me it is much needed and couldn't have come soon enough.  Paul and I are doing some day trips to some places but other than that it will just be some peaceful relaxing time spent with Paul.  I'm going to do like I did in NH.  Don't tell me what day it is and no counting down the days until I return....actually no thoughts of work.  I hope to have lots of blogs for when I get back.  I mean it's not a LONG time away but a long weekend is just as nice as a full week!  

I'm going to start getting back to the randomness of my blog.  So I'm going to compile MANY MANY topics while I'm away.  There's too much going up about food, working out, etc.  I'm getting healthy...okay!  Moving on!  

I want to start writing some solid pieces with some depth and or amusement...maybe even both.  

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