Torture of Thursday

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I really try not to wish every week for the Friday that seems to take forever to come around; however, this week needs to end!  Of course, this morning I was reminded by one of my annoying co-workers that wishing for Friday is wishing my life away and soon I would be old and wish I had more time.  Um no.  Wishing for Friday is WISHING for my life.  My life is not coming to this hell hole everyday and putting up with YOU people.  Or is it?  AHHHH scary thought!  No, my weekends are my life.  My weekends are my freedom.  If I want to wish for them SO BE IT!  There are 365 days in a year and I get about 120 days of those days (give or take) away from work.  Life doesn't happen during the week.  Torture happens during the week  Let's face it...I don't wake up earlier than I have to to get here.  I work so late at times that I'm so exhausted that I do nothing after work.  (It's a miracle I ever had time to meet Paul ... oh wait that happened on a WEEKEND...after numerous times of not being able to meet him because I was EXHAUSTED from WORK!)  So if I want to yell from the top of the building TGIF I will and you (annoying co-worker with your "wishing your life away" comment) CAN SHUT IT!

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