Funny Story

Friday, September 3, 2010

This is the Bareminerals color spectrum which I found online when I started writing this post and now hence the funny story. So last night I had to swing by Bareminerals on the way home to buy foundation. Well since Taller and I have been walking at lunch I've gotten pretty tan compared to my normal whiteness. I decided that I was going to do a color match and buy whatever color I need now. Sounds logical right. Well I was Fairly Light which you can see from the color spectrum above is the second lightest color, until I found this I thought it was the lightest. There is hope for Nicole! If you think I'm pale she is transparent! So the counter girl at Bareminerals told me that I was probably now Medium Beige. I was just flabbergasted to think that I, Shia, am even Beige let alone MEDIUM BEIGE! I was unconvinced until she put it on me and I saw...I am MEDIUM BEIGE! I was so proud that I had to call Taller and tell her...SHIA IS MEDIUM BEIGE! So I had decided that I was going to post on here this marvelous news. So I searched for the fairly light and medium beige foundations to put up on here to show the difference. Well as you can see from the color spectrum above...Fairly Light is only two up from Medium womp womp wommmmmp! Not that big of a deal I guess....I suppose I was thinking that Medium Beige would be on the darker side of the spectrum...but as you can see not so much. This realization did take some of the excitement away from getting darker. The funny part is (in case I'm not stating it clearly) I thought I was finally TAN...and I'm sooooo far from it hence I'm still pretty pale according to the color wheel! It might not seem like a big change but believe me I'm dark in comparison to what I was. 


  1. Girl, no matter what that color wheel says, you are WAY tan in comparison and just tan in general now! Go shia!

  2. p.s. I like that your label for this post is OMG

  3. Thanks...actually when I abandoned that color wheel photo and found the new photo it made me feel some what better like BOO YEAH in the MIDDLE! Not Casper and not...okay I'm going to stop there so someone doesn't take it the wrong way but you know what I am saying!


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