Thanks Mom!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

So last night I was talking to my Mom, she told me that she misses the time we spent when we went to Weight Watchers because we used to meet up, go to the meeting and then walk around and chat. I thought that was really sweet of her to say. Thanks to my Mom, I went to Weight Watchers and she was the best support I could have ever asked for. Of course, the weight crept back on but the foundation for losing it was set and I know what to do to take it off and keep it off. Maintaining is just the hardest part and I feel like I’m now focused on that and soon I will finally kick this hindrance in my life FOR GOOD. 

Also, my Mom joined Weight Watchers and stuck to the program as support. She didn’t need to lose the weight but she did it to help me. I’ve always appreciated her for that. I really wouldn’t be the person I am today without that initial step that my Mom helped me to take and stood by me and helped me through. 

She really is my biggest cheerleader! Thanks again Mom, that time we spent means a lot to me even now. 

Just imagine…without that initial step what would I EVER talk about on my blog. LOL!

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