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Saturday, September 18, 2010

So, while recuperating from my mini bike adventure I decided to watch Season 1 of Bored to Death. It’s a pretty good series on HBO. It’s about a writer who decides to be an unlicensed private detective on the side. Anyways, I digress. So of course while watching this NYC based show I look at the female characters and see that they have style and I’ve thought…what’s my style and do I have style? 

Okay honestly I’m thinking…no I have no style. I just buy what fits or is on sale. Does that make style? I see these characters and I see that they have planned out outfits down to accessories, etc. I’ve just never been that type of girl who is going to pay $29.99 or MORE for some plastic jewelry to accessorize my outfit. I mean to me jewelry is important not something plastic. 

For our first Christmas Paul bought me a three stone diamond pendant necklace. I wear this EVERYDAY because it means something to me. There’s no way that I’m going to trade off wearing my diamond necklace from Paul to wear some plastic matchy crap from the accessory rack. 

Might I also mention that I no longer have pierced ears. Sure I went through that whole phase in my early 20s but I feel like I outgrew it. I feel like buying all those cheap earrings were totally not worth the infections, redness, soreness, swelling, etc. I just felt like what is the point and shouldn’t I be too old to wear earrings from Clarie’s or whatever. 

So putting the accessories aside since I obviously have some deep rooted aggression against them…what about the rest of the outfit? The dress with the perfect sweater and the perfect shoe….do I do this? Maybe…once in a while. I just feel like style should come naturally. You should just wake up go to your closet and the magic happen and some days the magic just isn’t there so you just make the best of it. Right? Or am I wrong?  

Maybe I’m just not cut out to be one of those girly girls with the style and accessories. There was a time in my early 20s that I thought I wasn’t girly enough. I wore little to no makeup and maintain my white girl fro to the best of my abilities. Well I got sick of feeling that way…bought Benefit cosmetics and got a straighter, had my hair chemically straightened (TWICE), highlights, hair color changes, the works. I then felt like I was teeter tottering on high maintenance. 

At this point, I feel like I just don’t care enough. I feel like wearing what I wear when I wear it. Granted it’s not like I can’t put together a cute outfit sometimes I’d just rather slap something on and go to work. Last fall/winter, I would wear trouser jeans to work. In order to keep wearing them I would jazzy them up with a nice top and a sweater and a cute shoe. It was like I was camouflaging the jeans with accessories. Honestly, it worked. I made it the WHOLE time without anyone saying ANYTHING about me wearing jeans. So see sometimes I can pull together some style. 

Also, Paul is a very down to earth individual. He loves me for me. I don’t have to straighten my hair daily…he actually complains when I do. He hated the make up I wore, i.e Benefit, and now likes my more natural look I’m getting with Bareminerals. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to be dressed to the nine for the man I love 24/7. He’s gotta love you at your worst anyways because it’s not going to last if he didn’t. 

Also, I just feel like having a style is just like eating healthy. It’s expensive! Just think about all the crap you have to buy to make an outfit! Since, homegirl here is working on the Jew Fund…I find it hard to invest in new clothes for work. Who’s work! I don’t work at a fashion forward law firm in NYC. I work in Jacksonville, FL. Home of the cracker…lol. My lack of style is still better than a lot of what is walking around that place. 

I guess to sum it up…my style lacks motivation. I just don’t care enough on a daily basis to make an outfit. I just get dressed and head out the door. So what you see is what you get. Granted…it fits and it matches. I’m not one of those sad befores from What not to Wear. So I guess it’s not too bad…or wait isn’t that what those people are thinking when they are wearing those hideous outfits?

Again, I’m so happy to get my laptop working again without it this blog would have ceased to exist. It was soooo refreshing to just type away on my random thoughts. This is why my blog became so one topic. The random thoughts were never making it to the blog because I forgot them before I got to my work computer.

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  1. First, thank you for your sweet compliment:)

    Second, you do have a style! Simple City Chic is what I would call it. You are like a Kate Spade purse. You wear vibrant colors with black, or black and white patterns. Your like special purses and you wear your diamonds everyday like you said. Sometimes you pick shirts that have flowers applied to them or other ruffles and to me that is like having an accessory.


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