Monday, September 13, 2010

Right now I feel like I am restricted from everything. As you know from my last blog entries, work has tightened up on internet use. Currently, our IT tech guy is working on getting my laptop running. He thinks I just need a new powercord. That would be soooo awesome because if not I am going to have to buy a new laptop or risk my job every time I post something. Because, hello…I can’t NOT post on my blog. 

I’m going to get a new car in April 2011. To insure that I receive the maximum amount for my trade-in Paul wants my Jetta to be under 50,000 miles so it will still be under VW warranty when we trade it in and since I live like a million miles from work I’ve now been put on mileage restriction so no long drives to Gainesville anytime soon and hey I think I deserve people to come see me. I obviously have made my fair share of trips over given the amount of miles I’ve put on my car minus my daily commute. So also to keep mileage down I’m limiting going anywhere on the weekend. Well on one hand it will totally help Shia stay on a budget because I won’t be doing any weekend shopping. 

In order to not go insane, Paul and I went to Wally World on Sunday and bought me a bike. So when my neighbors are driving me crazy (no pun intended) or I’m about to go mad from sitting at home with nothing to do, I can now ride my bike around the neighborhood. I can’t wait to post about my first adventure. Hopefully, it will be this upcoming weekend. We had to buy the bike in the box to fit in Paul’s car so hopefully he will be putting it together before Saturday and if not Shia will put her own dang bike together!

Well as I’ve posted about numerous times, I’m on a healthy kick of limiting “bad” food items and I’ve given up Diet Coke, Coke Zero, etc. and Sweet and Low. See more restrictions. I’m going pretty strong on this whole thing. I’ve kinda felt like I was doing it all for nothing. I mean don’t get me wrong Taller tells me EVERYDAY how well I am doing but it’s like my mom telling me I look like I lost weight…at a point I just think she’s just saying it. However, TODAY a lady I work with told me that she can tell I’ve lost weight. AND HOLLA I have!!! I’ve lost 17 pounds. So see restricting does pay off!

Money restriction is the other kick I am on. I’m doing pretty well with this as well. No frivolous spending anymore, especially now with the whole no driving kick. For a bad economy, I’m doing awesome! I think more Americans should just cut out some of their money wasting and more of us would be doing just fine.

Honestly when the whole mileage restriction came up I was literally like can Shia not do ANYTHING. I have soooo much restricted at the moment, but I’ve taken a few days and thought it over. It’s the best thing to do in every situation. I’m eating/drinking the best. I’m saving the most money that I can, etc. Every restriction is really a positive step. Okay not the no internet at work. That one really sucks especially since I don’t have a working computer at the moment but regardless that one will end up working out I’ll just have to use some of that money I’m not spending on a new computer.

What kind of restrictions are you making? Or am I the only one?

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