BOOO-ise State

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boise State #3? I just saw on USA Today this statement "Florida fell three spots to No. 6 after a mistake-filled win against Miami (Ohio)." Really? How about Miami of Ohio isn't our hardest game this year...unlike Boise State. You wanna get ranked? PLAY SOME REAL TEAMS! Also, sure Florida didn't go out and steal the show on Saturday but how about the fact that Florida is a new team. No Tebow to carry Florida to #1 unlike Boise State that has nothing but returning Seniors. I saw a lot of mistakes by those Seniors of Boise State last night. Also, reality check they won by the SKIN of their teeth. If it wasn't for that penalty at the end (half the distance to the goal) they wouldn't have gotten that last touchdown and then boo hoo Boise State would have LOST! Yes, I know I should be happy because a little dog school has made it to the rankings but REALLY? Should we now just let everyone in for hype? Notre Dame has a legacy of greatness...should they just be #1 every year starting out? I'm not one to really care about or focus on more than UF, FSU, Notre Dame, Ohio State and a few other SEC teams, but you better believe that every week I'll be checking up on #3 Boise State. They play nobodies and they better beat them 72-0 every game to keep that #3 spot or even HOPE to go to the National Championship! 

It's not fair that little schools don't get ranked? Well it's not fair when they are #3 and this is their schedule:

Mon, Sep 06
 Virginia Tech  
  Sat, Sep 18
  Sat, Sep 25
 Oregon State
  Sat, Oct 02
 New Mexico State *
  Sat, Oct 09
  Sat, Oct 16
 San Jose State *
  Tue, Oct 26
 Louisiana Tech *
  Sat, Nov 06
 Hawai'i *
  Fri, Nov 12
 Idaho *
  Fri, Nov 19
 Fresno State *
  Fri, Nov 26
 Nevada *
  Sat, Dec 04
 Utah State *


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