Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I have a love hate relationship with my digital camera. I hate it because it is old, it takes a XD card for Christ sakes, and now I no longer have the Installation CD for the software to take the pics off the card through USB port. So once I take a picture I have to trot on over to Walgreens and get the pics put on a disk. So many many MANY blog posts have suffered because of this problem! One picture for something yields forever waiting to have enough pics for a CD. Until....Tana, dear follower of the blog, co-worker, and walking buddy told me about this.....
it is a Memory Card Reader and it is....hold on to your seat...$9.99. I'm going to get it tonight! I can't wait! The blog world will suddenly get a whole heck of a lot better for all of us. Taller there might be more pictures and a few less words for you =) Okay there still will be a lot of words but more pics!!! YAY!!

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  1. yippee!! write as many words as you'd like but I do love some pictures!


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