Crackers are hard to swallow even with cheese!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

No joke I wrote this blog on the plane....days after the last post where I dissed the South...I calmed down and then this happened....

So we're on our last flight headed to Jacksonville. I haven't been annoyed by "stupid people" until now. So we all know I have issues with people and a true part of me that hates people well I think I have narrowed it down to a deep hatred of ignorant crackers. Currently, I am surrounded by a toothless (no joke) ignorant cracker family that thinks its hilarious that "Bubba" (that was his name folks I am not making this up) has to sit next to an Indian man wearing a turban. Look crackers if you aren't prepared to enter the real world stay at home and watch that glowing talking box to see it. When are they going to break out the banjo? I'm seriously disappointed that the minute we get anywhere near Jacksonville I'm surrounded by the very ignorance that makes me hate Jacksonville. Also, it's been a week and a half since I've heard an annoying southern accent so maybe I am just not easing back in well. I mean I'm sitting next to the family from Deliverance people! DELIVERANCE!!! OMG I am such a typical northerner! Don't even get me started on these people with the Sky Mall magazine. "Look pa dem dare gots a coffee table that's a dawg kennel!" Ew dawgy...I don't dink dem date hold all da dawgs..." You can take the cracker out of the "ville" but you can't take the "ville" out of the cracker.

OMG they just announced that we have to sit on the runway for 20 mins. I'm not exaggerating folks this "mother" is encouraging her kids to throw spit wads in the Indian man's turban. Serenity now!!!

Homegirl practiced her manta...Be Zen Grab a Pen. I literally wrote this with lil bubba reading over my shoulder well looking I don't know about reading. Again I know I know...I am mean but seriously this was bad. That Indian man didn't deserve this and you know he sat there and took it because of fear he would be stereotyped as a threat if he said anything to them. Sad! Is this what the world has come to? A man has to sit and be tortured by a family and just endure it? Tisk tisk...what would Jesus do people? I mean isn't that your mantra? Crackers and Jesus oh my I think I should stop while I am ahead! Again if you are upset with my words about this family put yourself in that man's seat or sitting there as a witness you would have been mortified too!

Note: I'm not saying that all southerners are crackers but face it there are a lot of crackers in the south!

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