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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Boo?!? Did I just boo Sex and the City? Yes...yes I did! So like every college girl I was hopelessly devoted to this tv show to the point that I own every season (and the first movie which was also a big BOOOO). Back then I didn't have cable let alone HBO so I had to ignore all talk and press about each season impatiently waiting for the season to come out on DVD. Let's face it folks there was a point when this show was on VHS. When DVD finally took over it was bang for your buck because more episodes fit on the DVD than the less $$ in rental fees! Yes I have been jew my whole life and yes I am old!

I of course believed back then that I was Carrie. Even back then I watched her type on her computer and longed for that life being in NYC and writing for a column about randomness...(let's face it her column wasn't really about sex)! Hello I'm a pro at randomness!

So when I visited NYC after college graduation I bought a post card of a billboard advertising Sex and the City...hello it was a post card of a billboard! The entire time I was in NYC my travel mates scolded me and threatened me with my life if I didn't stop mentioning how EVERYTHING was just like Sex in the City oh yeah and that everything smelled like pee!

There was a point when I would watch the seasons OVER and OVER! Hello I didn't have cable. I have like EVERY episode memorized. I even had the Sex and the City board game and found mistakes in the answers! Yes I was truly obsessed.

So the first movie came out and I was disappointed. Sure it was a little closure! I started to just think...maybe I have just grown out of that whole fad. I mean I'm not a single girl about town anymore with crazy dating stories, etc. I'm not pining over that guy I idealized as Mr. Big anymore. I've grown up. So I let it slide. I mean I bought the movie because hello I had to. Just wouldn't be right not to. LOL

The new movie seemed promising. In the beginning, I thought I could hold out and wait for it to come out on DVD. However, with the three day weekend I decided to go and bite the bullet and see it. There were highs and LOWS!

The characters have definitely grown in a way. They have their "grown-up" lives. I just felt there was a lot of trying to be the younger girls in the movie.

Samantha - OVER THE TOP! Of course that is her character in a nutshell but Samantha in the Middle East...please that is definitely a disaster in the making! When are you going to stop? I mean yes yes we know you don't want to get married but does that mean you're a ho bag until the end of time?

Charlotte - Still in la la land. I mean come on she is Martha Stewart on crack. She was wearing vintage while making cupcakes and next to a 3 year old finger painting with red paint...COME ON! When is her life going to meet reality? There is a hint that her life was going to have a little shake of drama...but nothing...NOTHING! There was a whole lead up and then NADA! Maybe less Middle East more storyline....remember us the audience...we want story!

Miranda - Powerhouse attorney. She struggles with work and life....hello that's the same as it always has been. But let's just sum in up licky split without any real drama or issue.

Carrie - Mr. Big issues. Really? MORE? Didn't this series teach us all that crappy guys never change? They'll just keep kicking you when you're down? Didn't we all live and learn through seeing Carrie and Mr. Big? Apparently Carrie has become that Urban Legend that she spoke about in episodes. You know that girl that is in love with the guy that won't commit then he proposes

Middle East trip - Was this supposed to make Americans jump on planes and take off to the surface of the sun...also known as the Middle East? Was it a lesson in how fashion makes the US and the Middle East kindred spirits? I just didn't see the point. Maybe less of this trip and more script. They had all these things going on but they just went to the Middle East and came back and it was all fixed. ?!? Really?

Big gay wedding - I think this was the moment when I thought rut row I'm in for some disappointment and I think that was like 5 - 10 mins in.

But with all that said...didn't they all realize it was time to "grow up" okay minus Samantha. So that part of the movie I could definitely respect but again a little more of actually showing the characters growing might have been helpful.

Is there going to be a Sex and the City 3? Let's hope not! I think for the sake of the characters there shouldn't be, but they know everyone will continue to shell out money to see it so there probably will be a part three.

However, if the next one really starts to focus on how their lives have changed then it might be worth all the pain of the first two. Maybe they really needed to get past all of this to finally have an ending but then again....apparently just because my life has moved on doesn't mean I should expect these characters to do the same.

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