Soy Bring on the Bucks

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

(Written on vacation)

So while in New Hampshire I've seen 4 Starbucks including the 1 in the airport. As I have already mentioned this state is ran by Dunkin Donuts! Every small town has a gas station, pizza place and a Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks is nonexistent. So at the airport Paul wanted some water so I had an excuse to go to Starbucks. Hello they give out FREE filtered water people! So I decided to get a Grande Iced Coffee with soy. They didn't have sweet and low! I felt like that guy trapped in the room of cookies without milk in that milk commercial. Oh wait I jacked some from Dunkin Donuts and it's in my purse. Crisis adverted. (Yeah the sweet and low that leaked and caused airport security to freak out because of "white powder" in my purse and where's Paul oh yeah he kept walking while my bag is being hoisted in the air and a man is yelling WHO'S BAG IS THIS?!? Thank god it was Chanel and I could be happy to claim my pretty bag. It would have been worse if I had to publicly claim an ugly bag...hello Shia loves her purses anywho I digress) So back to my drink. Not only did they not have sweet and low homegirl behind the counter apparently thought that WWII is still going on and wanted to ration the amount of soy she was going to give me for my 65 cents up charge. Seriously folks she had like a sip of soy in the cup and said "this okay?" HELL NO! It's not okay, I want like three times that much. So joke is on her folks I busted out my "registered" Starbucks gift card and didn't have to pay 1 cent more for that soy ration! Muah ha ha ha HA!

Seriously though, I feel like Starbucks takes advantage of us lactose intolerant people. I mean face it folks Starbucks costs a pretty penny no matter what you get and on top of that you have to pay more for soy. They offer skim, whole and half & half for free! Maybe cut out that expensive splenda and start passing out the cheap sweet and low and give us lactose intolerant folks a break!

No wonder Dunkin Donuts has the lockdown on NH. NH says FU Starbucks and your soy rationing selves! (Okay I was angry...I hadn't had Starbucks for like a week and a half and this is the treatment I get!)

So listen up fellow lactosies (homies that are lactose intolerant) get yourself a Starbucks gift card...register it at and keep adding money to it which is SUPER easy online I mean even Taller could do it...wait I had to manage her cards never mind it is EASY I promise. You get soy for free. Free refills on Iced Tea, Iced Coffee and Brewed Coffee and free pumps (okay that sounds dirty but you know like flavors...hazelnut, etc.) If everyone that got soy would do this we would essentially be sticking it to the man! Heck yeah!

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  1. thanks for this sad soy story, I never knew they (SB) charge more for soy. Maybe it's time to change your coffee hangout.



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