Monday, June 6, 2011

So I was sitting at Starbucks in Barnes & Noble writing a blog post and there were two girls sitting near me talking. There were a lot of OMGs and Likes being around between both of them. It scared me…I kept thinking OMG (pun intended) do my friends and I sound like this when we’re having a conversation in public? 

Why do we talk this way? We’re educated and savvy…so why does the “Valley Girl” sneak out? It’s really annoying but it’s really hard to stop once it becomes how you talk. If you say Like a lot try not saying Like….it’s LIKE (again pun intended) fricking hard! 

Do you talk “Valley” or have you overcome it? I think I talk "Valley" with some of my friends and not so much with others. Or maybe I do all the time and I am just in denial!....LOL.

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