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Thursday, June 2, 2011

So remember this box.....
It is what my laptop skin came in.

So I finally found a use for it.

When Marissa spent the weekend with me we bought some stuff for her to have at Auntie Circle's house to play with.  I just remembered that I also bought glow in the dark sidewalk chalk...we didn't get a chance to use it but seriously I am excited to see this stuff in action...we didn't have anything this cool when I was young.  Also, the twistable crayons in the box...genius Crayola...genius!  Okay so maybe I did some coloring too!  LOL
I added her name to the box....I know she'll like this when she sees it.

And she got her own little space in my closet.

Okay so remember when I talked about recycling stuff from your bathroom like shampoo bottles, etc and how I was guilty of not recycling theses items as well.  Well I took this cute bag I got from a trip to Ann Taylor Loft and turned it into my recycle bin.
Okay I marked it so Paul wouldn't throw away my cute recycle bin. We basically use this same set up in our kitchen. We have two brown paper bags from Whole Foods that we separate our recyclables in...paper in one and plastics/glass in the other.

Since I showed yet another picture of my fabulously organized closet  I thought I would share a great tip.  I think my biggest pet peeve about my closet is my hangers, I am a bit obessed.  They all have to be black and I have two different styles.  I hate when I see closets on tv and they have all kinds of mixed matched hangers especially when it's someone famous or someone on a reality tv show gloating that they are rich and now famous because of reality tv.  

This one I use for almost all of my tops the sides really holds stuff on the hanger.

I use these for mostly hanging pants and some long sheave tops.
I also use this type of hanger to hang up skirts. Ironically they all idea how that happened. Also, they were know when they ask you want the hanger?
Making your hangers match is a quick and inexpensive way to spruce up your closet. The cheapest place to get hangers is Walmart and they always have a variety of colors. Also if you want some bolder colors wait until the back to school sale. I've seen hot pink, teal, etc. Also, before you head out and buy all new hangers look at yours first. Of course, no wire hangers...yes joke intended...but seriously they get rusted and then rust could get on your clothes. Look to see what color the majority of your hangers are and go get more of that color to save money. When I made the switch to all one color, I used the mixed matched ones in my hall closet on coats and for the guest room. If you have neither...just recycle them or give them to goodwill.

Seriously, this is hangers are black and Paul's are white....LOL it actually ended up that way because when I had my mixed matched I had a ton of white and a ton of black.  It makes it kinda annoying when hanging up clothes to have to use two different stacks of hangers but oh well.  Let's not even talk about when I find my hangers in his  Hey I told you I was obsessed!

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