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Thursday, February 3, 2011

So we all know how much I love post-its especially the post-its Taller gave me for Christmas.  Well I found this laptop skin on the Vera Bradley website and couldn't pass it up.
So here is the skin.  It came with instructions and a template to cut to fit smaller size laptops even a netbook.  Since my laptop is a 17" it fit perfectly without having to do any cutting.  
Tada!  Here it is on my laptop.
Here's what it looks like when the laptop is open and in use.  I wanted the white to be on the top when it's in use.  I just felt like this was right size up.  I love it.  It is super cute and will protect my laptop from getting scratch.  My only gripe is that this cover came in a huge box with another huge box on the inside...WASTEFUL!!!  See below........

Here's the box it was shipped least kitty is finding it useful.
With this box inside...which I plan on making use of in my organized closet.

Funny story, so when I first order this I thought it was a case to hold my laptop which I later realized it was just a skin cover so now I am still looking for a case.  I'm of course thinking something

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