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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So Paul always gripes at me because my side of the bed gets quite messy.  I clean it up and then it just gets messy again and usually doesn't take that long.  As you can see below, it can get pretty bad....
So when a co-worker gave me this (see below) for my birthday I was inspired to help this mess.
When I showed this great birthday gift to Paul he said....who are you kidding that isn't big enough to tackle that mess.  Which then inspired the purchase of this (see below).  I bought it at Kohl's on sale.  YAY!
Love it.  So I put my new stuff to the test.  Can it handle Shia's mess?  Will it hold all of the junk?

It worked!
Thanks to my birthday present and my discovery at Kohl's 
Shia's side of the bed meets Paul's neat freak standards.  
 Kitty chilling on the bed while I clean.

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