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Thursday, February 10, 2011

So studies have shown that decorating your office can make you 32% more productive and have less illness.  So here are some pics of my office decor.
The Damask Corner
Notice the Calendar - that is my running countdown!  
I am trying to see if I can go the whole month 
without repeating a post-it
Inside jokes and pics all find a home here.  
I feel like I need a bigger board sometimes!
Notice on top of the board is my Starbucks card which I bent.  
No more Starbucks!
I ruined it so I would stop putting money on it.
This is on my back wall.  
I want to get a new painting but I don't want to buy something that big.

Also, researchers say that being surrounded by clutter on your desk can increase stress levels and even trigger a headache.  Sorting through disorder may cause clusters of brain cells to work overtime.  I find this SO true. When my desk is a mess I just feel so chaotic and also feel like nothing is getting done.  Last night I took some pics of my "messy" desk.  Believe me it gets WAY worse than this at times and then I have to stop and find order and then I seriously feel like more stuff gets done and I am less stressed.

So after 10 mins at the most this is what my desk now looks like.
As much as I love to see this back ledge clean....
it just screams for other people to dump stuff on it!

Before I leave every night I try to organize the mess so I don't walk into it the next morning.  But sometimes you just have to stop what you are doing during the day for a few minutes and straighten up.  It really works at getting you back on track.  So I was thinking, you've seen my desk now send me some pics of yours and I will post them on here.  You can send me pics of how you have decorated your office space or you can just send me a before and after showing how your mess went from hectic to fabulously organized! Email pics to me at!

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  1. You deserve a thumbs up for ensuring a clutter-free space at the end of the day. Keep it up! Thanks for inspiring the readers. :)


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