Carrie'd Away

Friday, February 25, 2011

So recently Kim Kardashian was on the cover of Glamour magazine and even though she is not my favorite Kardashian I just had to get it.  So one of the items from the shoot that they are pimping out on their website to purchase is a horseshoe necklace.  (click here to purchase yours)
Let me just say that I had a horseshoe necklace which I wore a lot until Paul gave me my necklace which I now wear EVERYDAY - can't wear fakes over real.

The purchase of this necklace was inspired by my favorite season of Sex in the City - Season 4.  Carrie wore a horseshoe necklace or several at a time through out the whole season.

There were only two products that Sex in the City ever made me want to buy. 1) the horseshoe necklace and 2) Christian Dior saddle - which I actually own - A REAL ONE - hey I bought it on ebay with the matching wallet for $ money I ever spent and it is currently zipped up in its dust cover tucked inside another bag and I never carry it for fear that it will get dirty....yep best money I ever spent.

This is what it looks like.  Thank you jmassey7 for having a pic so I didn't have to take it out of the dust cover to take a picture of

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