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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

So today is my first day back after my four day weekend.  I hate when I take time off and I don't spend it on my blog.  I have some stuff in the works as always but I literally had no time to just sit and blog.  I had a great birthday (more on that later) and I did some reorganizing (more on that later) and RAN everyday!  I ran everyday because of the fear that I would come back and have a crappy first day back. didn't pay I had a crappy first day back run.  This wet thick air is killing my sinuses.  I literally can not breathe through my nose because of it and hence can't breathe when I am running.  I told Taller that I have to find a cure for this.  I mean what if it is foggy the day of the run.  I can't let me sinuses bring me down.  Paul has this nasty nasal stuff that I am going to try.  I'd rather suffer from the nasty smell and taste then let the running suffer.  More to come....

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