Happy Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Here are some Valentines I made....
This stamp was 49 CENTS!  HOLLA!  
The foam hearts were 1.99 for three different sizes in red, pink and white glitter.  
The ribbon was 1.50 each.  

The card stock is white...not pink - I took these pictures with my phone flash.  

I also made a Thank You card for my co-worker who gave me the Nike Chip.

When Taller and I went to Michaels for supplies for my V Day Cards.  I found some cute damask boxes and I wanted them....I said that I could organize my card stuff in them but here's how I have them organized now so I didn't buy the boxes.  WILLPOWER!!! 

I really like this container because I can carry it upstairs with the handle and put it away in my closet with ease.  Plus everything is all in one place and I love the little compartments on the lid.  FYI - I got this file box at Walgreens for like a dollar about a year ago and never really had a purpose for it until now.  
So win win!

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