Betsy's Office

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So my Aunt Betsy sent me some pics of her office.
I love the organized stacks this is totally how I keep my stuff in order too.  
Notice the cork board...look familiar?  V Day card from Shia =)
I love the cream walls and the cherry wood furniture. The office is HUGE!

Notice her office has four things I don't have...

1) an actual door to SHUT people out - Shia jelly!

2) a window to the outside window just looks out into the hall...THRILLING...however out my window I can see into the attorney's office across the hall and see out his window - Betsy tells me that these windows look out into a park...that just sounds so lovely.  Maybe it's good that I don't have windows I might just stare out them all day wishing to be on the

3) a chair for guests to sit in....instead I just have people come in and hover over me. 

4) Awesome furniture.  I love the desk.  Mine was recently re-stained yet only the top and my file drawer has to be taped shut for it to stay closed...can anyone say...GHETTO?!?

My suggestions are...(depending on what your work allows):
  • Get a really helps with you can totally say that it is because you need more light.  Well at least on rainy days...or working late.  I mean that window doesn't ALWAYS have sunshine shining through.
  • Put out some more pics....bring pics of pets, vacation snap shots, etc.  It really helps when days are rough to look over at a photo for a second.  It's alike ahhhh remember vacation...that was great.....the cork board is a great place for extra photos plus it's right next to your computer...where you probably spend the majority of your day looking.  
  • Post-its....hello I didn't see a post it pad ANYWHERE in sight!  Get some color easy with some fun post-its.
  • Plant/flowers - You should put a nice plant over in the corner by the window and then perhaps some nice little flowers on the front corner of your desk.  Just make sure you have a proper plant stand....I worked with an attorney that put a plant on the floor in her office and when she went to move it...the carpet was NASTY!  
All in all great space!!

If you have pics of your office.  Email them to me and I'll post them! (


  1. cool post! who got shia a lamp for her office? this girl:) i love your aunt's office furniture too!!

  2. Thanks! Send some pics of your office =)


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