Charlie Sheen

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It is ridiculous how much press this man is getting.  We get it he's on a long bender.  Do we really need to interview porn stars on Good Morning America?  Who's more pathetic...the chick putting Charlie on blast or Good Morning America for making this news?  Hmmmm I think it is Good Morning America because since when do we hold PORN STARS which such high regards and listen to anything they say?  Oh when they are bad mouthing a celebrity that's when.  Leave the poor man alone he's making a mess of his situation enough, Good Morning America doesn't need to go into detail regarding how long his private moments with a porn star lasted!  This is becoming such the in thing to talk about that this morning on the local radio station they were having women call in to tell how long their private moments with their man lasts....wait now who's more pathetic...AMERICA!  I mean seriously the last thing I need to hear when I am driving to work in the morning is how long two crackers went at it the night before.  

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