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Monday, February 28, 2011

So I was happy to see that the latest trend is less makeup for a more natural look.  Does that thought of less makeup frighten you?  Just the thought of not smearing foundation across your face and going out of the house without it make you cringe?  Well that used to be me but now I am here to tell you that I never fear going out without makeup anymore.  Sure you can buy all of the products that "guarantee" better skin but you still clog your pores with all of that makeup...honestly the magazine announcing this new trend gave you a 5 step process of how to make your skin have natural beauty....5 steps to be natural....really?!?  So I guess you would like for me to get on with it already and tell you my big secret.  The secret is ..... Bareminerals.  Did you just groan?  Hear me out.  I switched a little over a year ago.  I have the best complexion since well you know when you were a kid and you didn't even think of makeup and you looked just fine...THEN!  I rarely break out anymore and if I do it's like maybe one occasional zit.  But I know what you are thinking....Shia it is expensive.  Not really.  The initial cost is about $49.  Sephora is the best place to get your starter kit.  You get....

All of this! 

I bought my kit in January 2010 and I still have the bronzer!  I've bought foundation about 3 or 4 times since first buying the kit which is about $25 plus some other products.  You can use your regular mascara or eyeshadow that you use now but if you need a concealer...I suggest splurging and getting that from bareminerals too...other makeups don't work well with it especially if you are using a liquid based concealer. I use "well rested" which is a concealer for under your eyes but it works well for spot cover-ups too (it's about $18 and it lasts FOREVER).  I'll bet it is actually CHEAPER than how I used to shop for makeup.  How often did I buy something that didn't work or two shades of foundation to mix together to make almost my shade.  All of that adds up.  Save time and money and make the switch!  It looks great and it is truly great for your skin - your skin will start to look better and then you'll notice that you are wearing less and less and sometimes even none at all.  (HOLLA less to 

Note worthy - In the beginning you might feel like you aren't putting enough on...give it a week or two and you'll notice a more smooth look.  I think it is a combination of your skin finally being able to breathe and getting a little bit of a build up on your brushes.  The brushes are really easy to clean...handsoap and water...they will dry and be good as new.  Also if you have a Bareminerals store near you see if they have a punch card...for every $10 you spend you get a punch and then when your card is full you get $10 off.  Also, Ulta sells Bareminerals and sign up for emails and get offers for free samples, etc. 

Man I should get some freebies for this post!  Let me know if you wear Bareminerals or if you are going to try it.

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