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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So instead of doing my new loop twice I decided to walk to the nearest Publix to get a chicken wrap.  Since it is over the 5k amount and I had to of course make it back I decided that I would walk it and see how long it took.  What you may not know is that I am like the fastest (at normal walking speeds) walker ever.  People always make comments on how fast I walk.  Also, I truly believe that I get more of a work out when I walk long distances than run.  Anywho, I walked to Publix which according to my Nike chip (which I love) is 6.35k away from the office.  I walked half of it in 31 mins and I made it back in 59:18!  My overall pace was 9:19 per km.  So I technically I just walked a 5k in about 46 and a half mins!  Folks my goal is to RUN it in 45!  Perhaps Shia CAN do this.....

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  1. woo hooo!!!!! that is awesome and what a great day to walk! you CAN do it!


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