Tainted g'love

Monday, February 28, 2011

So studies show that restaurant workers who wear gloves may still contaminate food due to creases in the material trapping heat and moisture - a breeding ground for germs!  If your food prepper handles cash - for sure ask them to change them...YUCK!  Honestly, when I read about this study, I immediately thought of Subway.  I can not eat at Subway.  I feel like those sandwich makers go for DAYS without changing their gloves, not only are there probably like a million germs attached to their sweaty hands - I really don't want to taste all the NASTY stuff you got on your sandwich on mine (pickles, hot peppers, etc).  I will say to the sandwich maker - I noticed that you just touched pickles...I'm allergic can you change your gloves - they do and they can't spit in your food because you are standing right there...LOL  I still can't manage to eat subway...I'll pass for sure now.

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