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Internal List Update

So back in November I wrote a post about all the things on my internal to do list.  Well the only way anything is ever going to get checked off is if I keep on it.  So here is an update.

  1. Writing - I feel like recently I totally have stepped it up with my blog.  I just love the updated format.  I love my new quotes and I love love LOVE the link within feature.  Taller has had this on her blog for awhile however I never bothered putting it on mine because my posts don't always contain pictures so I didn't think it would work. But it does!!!  I love it!  Often I look at it and I am like wow that was a cool post.  So I hope it helps you enjoy my blog even more.  As for writing, my biggest dream is to be a freelance writer.  I've been doing some research on how to get published and I am going to start testing the waters.  I have a great topic in mind and I am going to start doing my research and write a kick ass article and try to get it published in a local newspaper.
  2. Exercise more - I have been working like a mad woman on getting ready for my upcoming 5k.  
  3. Work less - I have totally been cutting back the amount of time that I spend at the office.  I have totally been using my gotomypc account so at least if I have stuff I have to do I can do it at home and not be at the office until 7 or 8 pm.
  4. Weekend woes - I feel like when I have something to's all good but when I have nothing to's all tv.  Work still needs to be done.....
  5. Get a hobby - Hello have you seen my cards!  I love them.  They are totally my new hobby!
  6. Save more money - I'm so tight with money as it is so any MORE savings is really just tweating little things.
  7. Count calories - okay this has been totally ignored.  However, I did buy a new food journal the other day and when I actually start eating again (sick right now) I will start using it!!
  8. Cut coupons - totally ignored - I just feel like it's more work than necessary and Paul and I don't buy the items that they make coupons
  9. Drink more water - I have totally been drinking more water lately...YAY!!
  10. Stop going to Starbucks - brace yourselves people....I destroyed my starbucks card and I haven't been to starbucks in AWHILE....YAY!!  So...saving money!!!  YAY!
  11. Eat breakfast - I'd say I eat breakfast at least 3 out of the 5 days.  Especially when running I always make sure I have eaten that morning.  
  12. Hair - okay so of course my hair is a bit longer I actually looked at it in the mirror today and thought....almost there =)
So as you can see I've been working on my list.  What's on your internal list?  


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