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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So the other day I was at Barnes and Nobel checking out the magazines and I noticed that they were selling a UK version of Marie Claire (might I was $10!) which I though who would pay $10 when they could just grab the US one....well it was a completely different magazine.  Who knew that all the women's magazines have different issues for different countries.  I had no idea.  Call me crazy but I though Marie Claire was just Maire Claire.  I mean most of the stuff they put in fashion magazines relate to styles going on in NYC so it's not like it really represents ALL of the US.  So anywho, I searched online and have now subscribed to numerous British women's magazines.  I've looked at French Marie Claire but not as easy to read as the UK version =)  

Also, who knew that there like a whole world of the internet that doesn't pull up when you type stuff in google.  UK stuff comes up under which seems weird I mean why doesn't the US have to type in  Now I am wondering if you live in UK and you just go to do you get  Or are all the .com's just for US sites?  Maybe this was common knowledge that I never knew but I seriously thought that the world wide web was the WORLD WIDE WEB.  Instead I find out that I am only getting a fraction of the internet without more in depth searches.

Why is the amazing news for me?  Well I want to be a writer.  I want to write for a women's magazine and Paul is now set on us moving to Europe and I thought sure...this will still work if I did become a writer...just email my editor in NYC and it'll all be good.  Now the options of outlets for submitting work to has just grown exponentially!!

Also, to all of you out there reading my blog outside of the US.  Thank you!  I'm always thrilled when Blogger tells me different countries had hits.  Also, maybe I am just being a "stupid American" but I really thought that google was just google.  Let me know how it works for you ... I am extremely interested =)  

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