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Sunday, June 19, 2011

I feel like I am in purgatory of home furnishings.  Paul and I don't want to commit to new furniture to fit our townhouse because we will be moving soon so I think that and the fact that I am the perfect storm to why this problem NEVER gets fixed.  I need a place to write.  The lap desk works and doesn't work.  Last weekend, I finally said screw it...I AM BUYING here's where the cheap part comes in, because this furniture would not be permanent ... I don't want to spend a lot of money ... yet the cheap stuff isn't even cheap.  So still this problem goes unsolved....UNTIL NOW!  

Okay you know how I said I love house to home...the UK site.  Well thank you house to home for fixing my problem.....

Flexible shopping space | Bring your home office into the 21st century | Home office ideas | PHOTO GALLERY |

Use your kitchen table!!  Seriously I have been secretly thinking about this...thinking why don't I just use the kitchen table and then I thought ... how will this work?  Now I know.  I am going to jazz up the table and make it feel like a work space.  Sure it will be rough having to pull stuff out and put stuff away but I do that now anyways.  So right now I am writing this with HIGH HOPES.  I am going to get a few items a trip to Office Depot and Target and....

HERE IS MY NEW HOME OFFICE!!!!!!  I couldn't be happier!!!!

So of course my home office can't permanently stay on the kitchen table which was one of the reasons I never thought this would work.  So like the photo from house to home I needed a box to store my stuff in.  So, I bought this file box below...which has handles so it makes it easy to carry upstairs and store in my closet and fits all my stuff easily. 

So how much did my new home office cost?  
Tablecloth .... 15.99
Damask File Box .... 9.99
No more complaining .... PRICELESS!!!
PLUS....WAY LESS than a DESK and a CHAIR!!!

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  1. Hi! Where did you get your files boxes - looking for ones just like those!


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