The Men of True Blood

Friday, September 16, 2011

So last Sunday was the season finale of True Blood.  So if you watch the show, you're more than familiar with how naked the characters get on a show to show basis.  If not, look above.  Paul teases me and asks ~ who do you think is hot?  I have to say hands down Alcide is the hottest character also his character is shirtless A LOT.  So what do you think?  Who do you think is hot?  

Do you watch True Blood?  Have you read the books?  If so, what do you think?

I have conflicting thoughts because I've listened to all of the books on CD (well not the newest one) on my long commute to work.  It's not the most believable and intriguing story line in the world but I definitely think the books are way better than the show.  I know that is so cliche to say but they really are.  I really think that books with multiple story lines and characters work better in your mind because you can have several things going on at once but to make that happen in tv or the movies something has to get cut.  I am however notorious for getting mad when tv or movies stray to far from the book and Paul yells at me when I say...but in the book.

What about you?  Do you hate movies of books you read?  What books were a complete let down as a movie or show?


  1. Just catching up with all the old series to start watching the new season. Yep have to agree, I picked him too! Nice photo's you posted, great series!~

  2. Not a True Blood watcher/reader. But I think the book is always better! I am reading The Help right now. Can't wait to see the movie.

  3. I don't watch, but I think I"m gonna start. Hello most beautiful blog post ever... yum.

    And @Joy, The Help is actually one o the only movies based on a book that I think actually lives up to what the book has to offer! Perfect adaptation! You'll love it.

  4. i dont watch it but Im thinking of starting since everyone loves it so much lol

    great blog:]

    hope you'll follow back

  5. Fun post, I love True Blood. Alcide is soooo fine and Jason's body is insane (great photo choice for him!). I also read the books except the last one- there are aspects of the books I prefer to the show...but I think the show also made changes that I really like, for example keeping Lafayette around and making Russell Edington bat-shit crazy- they are both so fun to watch.

    I heard a rumor that Quinn will be appearing in Season 5, Quinn is my favorite man from the books and I think he will be impossible to cast based on his description in the book (over 6ft, Olive skin, Purple eyes)- but I do think Jason Momoa (from Game of Thrones, my other HBO obsession) is the best candidate for the role.

  6. my cousin is a big fan of the books. he just got the latest book signed by charlaine.

  7. Oh, it has to be Alcide - look at those abs!

    I can't think of a movie that was based on a book where I enjoyed the movie more. There's something a little magical about books. :)

    Sorcha x
    Bonfire Brunette

  8. Peaguaslegend ~ Thanks it was really hard to find a shirtless pic of Bill ~ I think he is my least favorite anyways.

    Joy ~ I need to check out The Help...everyone keeps telling me that it is really & movie.

    Andrea ~ Thanks...I think it is my favorite blog post too.

    Pola Berry ~ Thanks for commenting and checking out my blog...of course I will follow back!

    Olivia ~ I love that they kept Lafayette too! His character is so funny. I totally forgot about Quinn and I agree Jason Momoa would be great!

    Elle Sees~ that's pretty cool...I've seen a couple authors in person but nobody mainstream.

    Chic & Cheap ~ I've tallied the votes...Alcide wins by a landslide =)

    Thank you all for your comments...sorry it has taken me so long to write back...gearing up for vacation.

    ♥ Shia

  9. omg my friend is beyond obsessed
    with true blood .. i am not a fan
    of vampire stuff lol

    how was your weekend love?


  10. Haven't watched or read. Currently drooling. They all look really good. Really. Good.

  11. I agree, the books are SO much better than the TV show. I live for Eric/Sookie love. I can't wait for the next book to come out! But I can't complain about Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) oh the dirty thoughts I have about him on a daily basis.

  12. loving this post AND thank you for the eye candy!

    i absolutely love trueblood the tv program and i just know i wont be the biggest fan after iv read the books, so iv put it off till the summer (after i graduate from uni)

    this season was amazeballs, i loved it so much towards the rnd and now that bill and eric have joined forces i wont feel dumb when i tell people iv been team billANDeric from the beginning hahaha

    i found your blog via nickki's beauty blog hop
    and i love it so am now following :) . check out my blog :)
    BreezeyBee Blog


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