What's in your bag?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Originally posted March 22, 2011

So recently I had a friend laugh when she reached in my bag to grab my car key for me.  She teased and said that I was like a little girl playing grown-up because my huge bag had three things in it...key, wallet and phone.  It is true that day I pulled out a bag from my closet and tossed in my cell and wallet and headed out of the house.  I will say that at the time I wasn't carrying a purse everyday.  I was just lugging my damask gym bag to work.  I recently got a new bag and I've been working on my blog at lunch so no need for the damask gym bag at the moment.  So here's what is currently in my bag....

1) This notebook contains my blogs in the works.  Basically it is a title with a brief outline of what direction I am looking for and then when I blog I just fine tune it.

2) My Ipod - I actually wore it all day at work - it really helped tuning out loud co-workers.  I also have some earplugs in my purse...I guess I forgot to pull them

3) My phone - love the cover?  I got it on ebay along with a home charger, car charger and touch pad protector all for 9.99 no shipping!

4) Yes ANOTHER damask notepad - this is where I am going to schedule my weekend time and it also holds any lists I might need - grocery shopping, etc.

6) Business card holder - My blog cards =)

7) My car key - I usually keep it open like this because it's easier to find down in the bottom of my purse and Paul's key looks exactly the same and he will always grab the wrong key if I put mine on the table too.

8) Candy from Marissa's bday party.

9) Permanent Marker - I love this permanent marker.  It is like Walmart brand but it has the best tip size and it doesn't smell.  I absolutely hate Sharpie smell!

10) Pens =) I am obsessed with stationary items especially with pens.  The decorative pen came from the dollar bins at Target 2/$1 and the black pen is my favorite BIC pen to write with - I know it's just a pen but it seriously looks better on paper than other pens. 

11) My new sunglasses - I also got these at Walmart for $10 and I didn't notice until I got out to the car to put them on that they have a damask on the side - too funny!  I have been wearing these a lot.  I am determined to not have any more lines around my eyes and that one I blogged about is completely gone!

So what's in your bag?  Do you carry a small bag or a big bag?  Do you have anything funny in there?  How often do you switch bags or clean out yours?


  1. I always have to have a least a medium sized bag to hold my various keys, tissues, mints, and kindle (wen I remember) in addition to my wallet and phone! I frequently have a second bag that holds my jacket and in case I buy groceries. I am a total bag lady!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  2. Everything is so colour coordinated! My bag is full of a load of junk! xx


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