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Thursday, September 22, 2011

ME?!?  I received two lovely blog awards from two of my lovely followers...


Thank you two so much for thinking of me.

As for my 7 facts...
1) I am so incredibly happy that my blog is getting noticed ~ seriously I get all emotional when I get a new follower.
2) I want to be a writer and every time I read a comment I think ~ I CAN DO IT!  PEOPLE LIKE IT!!!
3) If you need advice, I got answers!  I recently joked with some of my friends that I need a booth like Lucy from the Peanuts.  Seriously...any problem...any topic...I have your solution!
3) I still look at my fiance and really found you!  Okay maybe not when he is screaming at the tv during a football game...but you know what I mean =)
4) I really do love my family despite how much they get on my nerves!  No mom ... I can't fix your scanner over the phone!
5) I will not have and do not want children but I love all my nieces like they are my own.
6) I love to laugh and make other people laugh...and dang it...I AM FUNNY!
7) I love bad tv...Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, Downsized, you name it...Shia here most likely watches it.

People to nominate....
The #1 slot is reserved for my dear followers who gave me these awards.
2) Raven Courtney I feel like she is the West Coast Shia ~ we think so much a like.  
3) A Pinch of Joy My friend who posts some amazing recipes!!
4) Life with Tony & Onge's Musings These two blogs are written by Andrea, who I love, she has encouraged me with my freelance writing dream and even gave my blog a shout out!  ♥ Her blogs are great especially Life with is HILARIOUS!
5) The Dandy Bohemian ~ truly such a sweet person ~ I love her blog because I feel a random sort of vibe with it like mine ~ which I love!
6) E l l e S e e s ~ fashion beauty products oh my...great blog!
7) Love's Modesty ~ There is just such a pureness to her posts ~ I just feel such a connection.
8) Paperbacks & Postcards & Nykki's Mane Blog~ These girl have the most AMAZING skillz with eye makeup!!
9) Simply Mily ~ Great blog  ♥
10) my thrifty closet ~ Amazing outfits and CHEAP!  I can't even believe how cheap!
11) tulips & tulle ~ great blog...tons of neat pics!
12) Bonfire Brunette ~ her daily outfit posts are inspirational!
13) Brooklyn.Life.Style ~ her blog just helps you envision yourself standing on the streets of NY ~ it just brings that NY magazine life into reality ♥
15) What's Cooking Italian Style ~ Another great friend helping along the way in the blogging world!  Warning:  Her blog will make you hungry!

I'm cutting it off here because I could seriously just nominate everyone under my blogs I read section.  I love you all!!  

Thank you again to those that nominated me ... I am TRULY thankful!!


  1. I still get surprised every time someone follows my blog, not gonna lie. Congratulations on how far you've come so far. (:

  2. Thanks for including me in the nominations and congrats on being nominated for not one, but two awards! You totally deserve it, this blog is funny & honest, when I visit here the posts feel like conversations I have with my girls over drinks- you can't learn that kind of authenticity.
    I totally relate to the excitement and encouragement that comes from followers & comments, I have also dreamed to being a writer and the feedback makes me feel it is possible, so thank YOU for giving me that push.

    Up & Coming Bloggers Supporting each other = amazing.

  3. Ah! First off - congratulations to you. I love reading your blog and I love how sweet and friendly you are! Seriously, you've made me feel so welcome! I think you definitely have potential in the freelance world and wish you all the luck :D

    Second- Thank you so much for nominating me! This is my first award! I feel so special - you are so very kind and I'm glad to have you as a blogging buddy!

  4. Thank you SO MUCH for the mention! I am so proud of you pursuing what you are passionate and can't wait to see all you accomplish!

    xo, Taylor

  5. Thanks for including me on your list I am honored! You will see yours added to the AMAZING BLOGGERS click here

    Thanks again for your friendship... I never have the time to recipercate the awards, so thats why I add them all in one place... thanks again! xo

  6. AWW Shia thankss
    Im going to get back to blogging asapp i feel like i have sooo much to write. OMGG i didnt kno you watched Downsized!!!I LOVEEE THAT SHOW
    we could do like show reviews together
    come onnn now howww cool will that bee??!?
    so have you heard the latest NEW social network google+ hmmm thats going to be the next account we have to make besides twitter btw that i STILL refuse to get
    Raven Courtney

  7. Congrats on the awards Shia! It would be funny/awesome if you end up like Lucy dispensing advice over the web!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. haha no mom i cant fix
    your scanner over the phone!

    you cracked me up!

    congrats on both of the awards
    you deserve it .. your blog
    is so much fun!

    i enjoyed reading a lil bit bout you
    i am glad you did the seven facts

    kisses and hugs love!

  9. awww thanks so much for the mention =) you're adorable and I love to read your posts!!! Enjoy your vacation =)

    xo Mily

  10. First, congrats on getting not one but two awards! You deserve it, Shia! You have a wonderful blog that expresses your humor and passion.

    Second, thank you so very much for nominating me. While I've never been a big awards person, the fact that you included me in this list of wonderful people made my entire day! I'm still smiling. :)

  11. you totally deserve the awards Shia, for being such a humble, sweet and unassuming you. Thank you so much for honoring me with the award, you've been a great encouragement. I need to learn how to write like you, I'm not a natural, my english is imperfect.


  12. Congrats on the awards! I'm so excited for you, you deserve it.

    And thank you for nominating me. I never thought that anyone would like my blog so much, thank you!

  13. Congratulations and it's nice to know more about you.:D

    ***** Marie *****
    Freeman Beauty Blogger Kit Giveaway


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