My Hair Obsession Part 1...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Originally Posted on March 26, 2011
So I think like most chicks I am obsessed with my hair.  Currently my hair is at the longest it has been for a decade and I want to get a trim but live in fear of any length being cut off.  So instead I am obsessed with taking care of it and of course making it look good.  So here are some products I use and they really work.    

1) Redken Quick Dry 18 Hairspray - Before trying this hairspray...I thought hairspray was hairspray no difference. Not only does this hairspray live up to it's name but it doesn't get stiff yet it holds great. I use this when I curl my hair with the curling iron. I'll curl my hair, style it and then spray it and tada....Kardashian Hair! When you first spray it on it seems like oh no stiff but within seconds it's the slight stiffness disappears. {Price - I only buy Redken products from Ulta when they run Buy 2 Get One Free - 14.95; if you don't have an Ulta - check your local salon that carries Redken they run sales too!}

2) Bed Head Urban Anti-dote Ressurrection 3 - Okay did you do something horrible...overprocess? overheat?  This is the cure!  Use this shampoo & conditioner and it's like magic.  It really works to repair damage it totally brings life back.  The 3 is for extreme damage.  {Price - again I buy shampoo & conditioner from Ulta when it goes on sale and I stock up I paid $9.99 for this liter; again if you don't have an Ulta - look for it in your local salon - how I found out about this stuff was from buying it on a gift collection clearance sale at a salon}

3) Redken Anti-Snap - I've been using this product for YEARS and seriously folks this might even be the same bottle of the stuff.  This stuff is awesome and a little bit goes a long way.  It helps in flattening fly ways...cuts out frizz...helps strenghten strands to reduce breakage...this stuff is great.  It's not greasy and it's very lightweight so it won't weigh down body. {Price - BOGO Sale - 14.95}

4) Redken Iron Silk 07 - I'll admit when I first bought this product I hated it but I used a little less and now it is a must when I flat iron my hair.  It protects your hair from the heat but it also helps make your hair shiny (without greasy feeling) and smoothes it as you flat iron. {Price - BOGO Sale - 14.95}

5) Aveeno Leave-In Conditioner - I love this stuff.  It is a spray and it's great.  When I wear my hair natural it is curly and I just wet it and spray this in and it holds a nice curl, fights frizz and conditions. It's also great to take to the pool...when your hair gets wet just spray it in to keep your hair from drying out from the chlorine.  {Price - I usually buy this at Walmart or Target - Ulta sells it too and I only buy it from there if it is on sale - $6.50}

6) Bed Head Urban Anti-dote Ressurrection 2 - Slightly less intense than 3 but works just as great.  I overheated a section of my hair with a curling iron and it wouldn't even curl naturally anymore.  I bought this at a salon on clearance and thought what the heck I am willing to give it a try and after one application my hair had bounced back literally.  The size of the clearance items were small so when it ran out I was happy to see it on sale at Ulta for $9.99 a liter.  {Price - same as above}

7) Redken Satinwear 02 - This is a blow out's best friend.  If you want super straight hair this is the stuff.  It also works pretty well if you just put it in your hair wet - air dry and then use the straightener.  {Again BOGO - $14.95}

8) Bed Head Small Talk- Need body and thicker looking hair- get it here.  This stuff is great if you want that full thick bouncy hair after a blow out.  A little bit goes a long way.  {Price - this actually came in that Bed Head Clearance Set - but I just googled and found it online for $10.99 - I'm sure it goes on sale at Ulta or your local salon - look for a deal}

9) Organix Coconut Milk Split Ends Mender - This stuff smells great.  I love wearing it in the summer time.  It's a great all over leave in treatment for curly hair but works great on just the ends too.  It boasts that it helps grow longer hair because it fights damage.  {Price - $8.99 however I think I got this on sale for like $6}

10) Redken All Soft - This is the best shampoo & conditioner on the planet.  I literally have the softest hair in the world from this.  My mother even touched my hair recently and said...OMG how is your hair that soft.  {Price - I think a liter usually runs like $24 - 29 however I only buy this from Ulta on sale which ranges from $11.99 a liter to $13.99 a liter...and when it is on sale...I STOCK UP!}

11) TRESemme' Fresh Start Dry Shampoo - Dry Shampoo is a naturally curly haired chicks best friend when straightening...sure you want protectant, stuff to make it flat, but how about making it last.  Maybe you want to go two or dare I say three days without shampooing (since it is A LOT of work making it straight) but you don't want your hair to get greasy...spray this stuff on and you can make it to day  Before this product came out (it is new from TRESemme'), the only way of getting Dry Shampoo was to buy this really expensive brand from Ulta or Sephora it was like $11 for 1 oz and it smells like OLD LADY and it turns your hair white needless to say when this came out I was willing to give it a try.  I mean you get like a huge can.  It also has a light citrus smell - very pleasant. {Price - $5 at Target and I think I even had a coupon for it}

If you plan on trying any of these products out - don't forget the most important part...LOOK FOR A SALE!

What haircare products do you swear by?  What's your favorite and why?


  1. Great list of products! My hair has been growing out too, so I'll have to check out some of these

  2. Yay, I need some new products. These are great, thanks so much for posting!

  3. I really want to try out the split ends mender and the all soft now!

  4. I swear by Redken Anti Snap, it is so good!



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