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Friday, September 30, 2011

Originally Posted on July 12, 2011

So I read recently three tips on knowing if you are buying a fake designer handbag.  Well chances are if you are buying it off the street in NYC or from your local flea market it is indeed a fake.  Would you buy a fake?  Before you rush off and say no....what if you are getting a fake bag that looks real for under $20.  I'm not stating to purchase something for $100 that you indeed know is fake, but what if it was cheap and fake.  Would you care?  

If you go to NYC, you will get hit up from countless people trying to get you to buy a purse from them.  I bought a purse from a guy near Battery Park.  It was a black coach bag and had the actual store tags on it. I doubted it was fake...five finger discount maybe...or maybe it was fake, but for $15...who cares!  Plus, I now have a funny NYC street story to tell.  Also, if it is so horrible to have these bags on the market, why are there tons of them on sale on the streets of NYC, Fashion Capital and Capital for Fakes?

Also, my sister Debra told me about these Chanel totes being sold at a flea market here in Jacksonville.  I drove clear across town (which in Jacksonville is like 30 to 40 miles) to go to this ghetto flea market to get a Chanel tote for $10!  Honestly, this bag has held up longer than some Nine West bags I bought from an actual Nine West store for probably three times as much.

So real or fake?  Do you own a knock off?  Would you buy one?


  1. I would honestly buy one if the price was really cheap, I wouldn't try to pull it off as a real one though

  2. I bought one real purse in my life a Prada from italy @650.00. I use it rarely.. everything else is a knockoff.. so I go both ways lol!!!!

  3. I do own a knock off... it was a gift from a friend. I have never used it! Real all the way for me :)

  4. Living in NYC- which is like the Mecca of knockoffs I steer clear of them, for the most part the quality is no good, straps are glued instead of sewn, etc- but you do occasionally come across black market bags that are authentic and stolen- these can be tempting, but I am also hesitant to deal with them. In NYC there are even bootlegge Mac cosmetic, which are packaged just like the real think, but I hear they're fakes and contain dangerous ingridients. I rather just buy what in my price range from the official store, outlet or designer discount outlets like Century 21, TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

  5. it all depends on the purpose of the bag :)

    if you want a bag to just
    match the outfit and use it here and there ..

    yeah why not right? and
    easy ..

    but you if you looking for an
    everyday purse to go up and down
    with you at all times ..
    not even worth it .. you need something that is strong to hold everything inside and that is not going to break a week from the purchase ..


    fly with me ♥


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