My Hair Obsession Part 2....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Originally Posted on June 12, 2011
New Redken Products I Am Using....

A) Curl wise - This works great on styling naturally curly hair.  Just apply and let it dry naturally it has a little bit of hold so the curls stay put.

B) Thickening Lotion ~ This works great when blow drying.  It adds volume.

C) Shine Flash ~ I love love LOVE this stuff.  It is basically shine serum in a spray.  I normally hate any kind of shine serum because I just think it makes my hair look greasy in one spot and that it doesn't move well through my hair so it ends up clumping to my roots and making my hair look greasy.  This stuff is great because you can evenly cover your hair with shine without the build up in one spot.

D) Glass ~ Okay so I know I just said that I hate shine serum...however I just received a tip from a hairstylist to try it in wet hair.  Since I bought this and never use it because of what I posted above I thought I would give it a try.  It works pretty well now in wet hair but I'll stick with C.

E) Fresh Curls Leave in Treatment ~ I love this leave in conditioner.  It works well for that natural summer hair.  It dries soft and smells great.  

F) Real Control Creme Care Leave in Treatment ~ This doesn't work well as a leave in conditioner because it basically dries like if you left actual conditioner in your hair because this product is too thick.  However, this works great as a deep conditioner, like in my last post, put it in your hair cover your hair with a plastic bag or plastic shower cap and rinse out at least 20 mins later ~ remember the longer you leave it in ~ the better.   

Hair Dresser Tips I Thought I Would Share....

A) So I asked the hairstylist about this product.  It's basically supposed to be sunscreen for your hair and scalp.  So I thought maybe I should try it since I do enjoy going to the pool.  He told me to not waste my money.  He said to actually just use whatever sunscreen you use and spray it right on your scalp and in your hair.  

B)  This is the sunscreen I use and it works great in my hair.  It rinses out well too.

C & D) Another tip he gave me was about leave in conditioners, I told him that I was using that Redken Creme Care Leave in Treatment at the pool and he said using a leave in conditioner at the pool or beach helps keep the pool chemicals or salt out of your hair.  The conditioner soaks into your hair giving you a barrier and that way the other stuff won't be able to soak in.  He also said, forget using expensive leave ins...just mix half water and half cheap conditioner in a spray bottle and keep applying it after each dip. 

Let me know if you try any of these products or if these tips worked for you.

Are you using any new products?  Do you have a great tip to share?


  1. you're so good with hair products. Now I'm beginning to understand why your hair look so shiny and healthy in the picture and mine look so dry and frizzy. I'm so lazy when it comes to hair care, I can use my son's body wash to wash my hair when my shampoo runs out. Gross right?


  2. hi love!

    :) how awesome that you did
    the hair product posts!

    really really helpful
    i definitely took some notes :)

    look forward to trying out
    new products and see how it works
    for me ..




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