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Thursday, September 15, 2011

{sorry for the horrible pic - took a pic of the magazine page}

So apparently sweatshirts are back in.  However, they're a little prettier than a regular old Hanes sweatshirt.

a) Dolan, $148, ~ Found it on the website and it was the price stated in Cosmo

b) KUT From the Kloth, $68, ~ Couldn't find it on the website

c) Costa Blanca, $41, ~ Couldn't find it on the website

d) Wildfox Couture, $99, ~ Found it on the website and it was the price stated in Cosmo

e) Simdog, $66, ~ Found it on the website and it was the price stated in Cosmo

f) MK2K, $143, ~ Couldn't find it on the website

g) American Eagle Outfitters, $44.50, ~ Found it on the website and it was the price stated in Cosmo

h) DKNY Jeans, $49, ~Sort of found it ~ it was only in plus size and it was $69

i) Woodleigh, $92, ~ Couldn't find it on the website

So I found 5 out of the 9 and one was in limited sizes.  I just don't understand why magazines get our hopes up about pieces of clothing and then when we try to find it then it's not available (because that piece was from last season) or the quality is garbage...I know I know...advertising.  

It's not as if I really wanted to spend $100 or so on a bedazzled sweatshirt but I REALLY liked (c) and I spent a lot of time looking for it and NADA!  However, I really do what some sort of hip sweatshirt now (thanks Cosmo ~ you won) so I am thinking about checking out some stores to see if this fad catches on and spreads like wildfire.  

Do you have a hip sweatshirt?  Where did you get it?

Have you ever tried to find something in a magazine and couldn't or it didn't turn out to be as nice as they made it out to seem?  


  1. I saw some jazzed up seater shirts at Forever 21- Heritage. Really cute heather grey one with a little shine to it.

  2. I guess that is the risk when you're a print magazine and have to wait a while to get published. I have a cute sequined sweatshirt from NY&Co!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. Olivia - thanks for the tip!!

    Chic & Cheap - YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! I didn't even think about how far behind magazine publishing is...isn't it like 6 months or more?? (How I would love to even be 2 weeks ahead in blogging...doesn't that sound LOVELY!!) Also, thanks for the tip...I am on the hunt ...forever 21 & NY&Co!

    Thank you both for commenting!!

    ♥ Shia

  4. I do too hate when I find a piece I'd dream about and can't get it because it's from the last season! That usually happened with a piece that was featured as what celebs love. xoxo

  5. A million times yes. I get so sad when I find something that I love in a magazine and then it doesn't exist because it was a one of a kind piece, it's from last season or they don't make for anyone bigger than a 10. Boo!

  6. That unicorn sweat is so cute :D Oh! and, I did find a cute sweatshirt the other day...not my size, though.

  7. hi love!

    what a dissapointment! :(

    go to F21 :) they have
    the cutest ones for this fall

    and H&M have good ones too

    hope this helps


  8. I'm a traditional sweatshirt kind of girl. Give me a navy blue or a dark grey and I'm happy.

  9. hello, Friday ~ I've done a couple of these posts and they've all been pretty much a let down on the magazine's side. I think Chic & Cheap had a valid point...this is what happens in print ... it goes stale before it hits the stands.

    Shani ~ I hate when there are limited sizes too!

    Tanyabell ~ That stinks it wasn't the right size...I hate when that happens!

    Melu ~ don't get me started about H&M. Do a little search of my blog for those rants. I am def going to check out Forever 21!

    Wendy ~ I like the idea of an old sweatshirt...just screams cozy cold day

    Elle ~ Why not? Not even a bedazzled one?

    Well thank you all for your comments. I really do appreciate you all.

    ♥ Shia

  10. hello there girl... so nice to bump into your blog. I am following ya ... welcome to blog world.. can't wait to be back to check new post...

    I invite you to check my blog too follow me maybe?

    Cya there !! : )

  11. I love sweatshirts and I gotta say, I am loving sweatshirt E!!!!

  12. Lizabeth - thanks for commenting and following...of course I followed you back =)

    Sarah - doesn't it just make you think of a simpler time when we just played with our my little ponies?


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