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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I know this "how to" is a little late but I just had to share.  So I made my Christmas Cards this year.  
Basically I took
White card stock
Damask ribbon
Green and Red Ribbon (47 cents each! HOLLA!)

Which I attached with....
This awesome glue pen...
there are two ends (fine and thick)
which worked out well with the different sized ribbons.
Two Stamps...outside and inside of the card.
So the Merry Christmas Stamp was a bit pricey ($8) but the Warm Wishes stamp was $1!
Awesome ink pads....the ink really did dry fast!!
 And they were the cheapest brand!
This marker was great....only 99 cents!!

And then the Piece de Resistance.....
priceless folks...priceless!
I will say that the glitter did come off of the cards so..
sorry folks but come on... it totally tied it all together!

Grand Total....too much!  But the end result was great.  
I think I'll be making cards similar to these for awhile.

I made one similar to this one for a co-worker...this one wasn't sent out since the ink smeared....

It took me all day to make them and there were some bumps along the way but I'm glad everyone loved them!  Overall it was fun making the cards and it felt great when people told me how great they turned out. 

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  1. this makes me want to go to joann's or michael's and get my crafting-on. You did a great job on them!


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