Last week of the year so I better ...

Monday, December 29, 2014

1) get all my 2014 new year resolutions done ... there is STILL TIME!  Oh wait I didn't make any for 2014 ... whew all good.
2) start reminiscing about 2014 ... it was a great year because ... you know blah blah blah.
3) start beating myself up about everything wrong with me and vow to fix it in 2015.  Wait what ... I'm perfect ... thank you self esteem!  (Reminder:  please show up when I am plucking white hairs out of my head ... thanks love you!)
4) buy a calendar, planner, weekly calendar, daily calendar, etc. (Seriously, I am a sucker for planners.  I buy them/make them/NEVER USE THEM.  It's a yearly cycle that I want to break - yes they are pretty - no you don't need it!)
5) put everything off until the last week of 2015.  Okay so this last one was just to be funny - but seriously what do I NEED to get done by 11:59 p.m. December 31, 2015?  Can't think of anything ... #firstworldproblems
As I say every year at this time - let's not try to beat ourselves up.  Goals are great and accomplishing them makes them even better, but stressing because that 2015 ball is inevitably falling in a few days has no realistic demand on your life.  Unless, the Mayians were wrong and they meant 2015 dun dun DUNNNNNNN.  #youknowpeepsbecrazy
So if I HAD to come up with something that I want for 2015 I would say ... be grateful for some of the great friendships I have in my life and stop giving so much time and energy to the friendships that aren't so great.


  1. Hey, glad to see you here! Yes, I agree let's kick this year to the curb(it was a heartbreaker in many ways) and let's embrace a new year and make it what we want, planners or not!

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  2. Ha!! Love it!! I am all about goal setting...but more important than the big final outcome is the small, daily steps you plan to take to get there. Because if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, amIright?

    And girrrrrl, preachin' about those planners! I am that way with planners and notebooks in general, such a sucker. If you are going to get a planner though, can I recommend the Wisdom planners? They break down your day by the HOUR and give you options to write goals and it!

    1. Hmmm I might look into them if I break down and decide to get one. I'm really trying to stay organized electronically. I just need to avoid all staionary sections of stores until June .... LOL

      OMG - I know ... Berger ... ahhhh Berger!! {I seriously saw him in Boardwalk Empire and had a distaste for him because he was Berger ... lol Post-it grudge ... YES!} Yeah I think I am like you it's good in theory but once you open that pandora's box ... it can get pretty scary ... FAST! So, I am leaning towards saying yes ... cozy weekend wear AT HOME and bed time are the only appropriate times.

      Thanks again for all your comments!
      ♥ Shia


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