Baseball - America's Disguisting Past Time

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hmmm where does it say you need to spit, adjust yourself ....

In light of the World Series, we've been watching baseball. Am I the only one that finds this sport totally disgusting? Is it now a written rule that every player must adjust himself, spit, undo and re-velcro his batting gloves, tap his shoe, adjust his helmet, spit, adjust, um did I mention spit and then pick his stance to HIT THE BALL? And then repeat after every pitch? Also, since this is the age of technology, I get to see all of this in HD and at a super close camera angle. To the point that I can tell if he is chewing gum or sunflower seeds. It's also truly disgusting when they show the manager in the dugout worried about the game and you see streams of spit being fired around him from the players. I really think if I ever met Madonna my new question for her would be .... Did A Rod spit and adjust himself every two seconds off of the field? How did you ever get any cheating time in with all of those adjustments he needed to do before stepping up to the plate? How do you even get remotely turned on by someone who does that as part of their job? And we thought the Madonna of the 90s was out of control. HA! I think Kate Hudson is all about A Rod now. So I guess some ladies like it.....not me! GROSS!

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