Parents Behaving Badly in Public

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What happened to the days when parents disciplined their children? No I don't mean beating them in the grocery aisle so they can be caught on camera and posted up on the news. I just mean doesn't it seem like children are just left to their own devices when it comes to discipline?
Would it be so bad to tell your child that they need to stop screaming their head off in a restaurant when other people are trying to enjoy their meal that THEY are paying good money to enjoy and perhaps they are celebrating something or just need a nice evening out and now your screaming child is ruining it and guess who's fault it is? YOURS their parents. Just because you have learned to tune them out doesn't mean everyone else has. Also, I was once in the grocery store and a woman was letting her son run free and he was sticking his finger into the raw meat packages and busting them open. Honestly no lie I gave her the WTF look and she (brace yourself)....LAUGHED like it was funny. No woman it is not funny. Your child is not only being OBNOXIOUS but he's also contaminating food and himself! Seriously if we were to see this kid on the news for getting salmonella and dying we would then have to feel sorry for him? Yeah I'm sorry for him alright...I'm sorry that his mother doesn't care enough to tell him to stop. Seriously people stop having children if you aren't to raise them. So you are thinking...this chick hates kids! No I have a three year old niece and a three month old niece and I love them to death. I have been out with my 3 yr old niece in public and she hasn't always been the perfect angel however I have taken other people into consideration and had her calm down or left the scene of the fit. She's not my child but I'm not going to let her embarrass me. I just don't understand why these parents don't get embarrassed and do something. Should I start yelling across the restaurant...yo lady shut that kid up? Is that what it is going to take to get you to figure out why your kid is screaming? Does it really need to come to that to get parents to pay attention? Granted maybe I don't "understand" what it is like to be a parent but maybe you don't either. I don't remember throwing fits in a public place when I was little but then again maybe you were that kid I saw in the store screaming to get Lucky Charms because you wanted the decoder ring inside of the box.
Also, it is not okay to let siblings fight one another in public and just pretend that it is not going on. I was once standing in line at a department store and a brother and sister were having a full on fight where I literally had to step out of the way to avoid being pushed or hit and the mother turned around and did nothing. NOTHING! Oh and the father was there. Did he say anything to the kids? You guessed it...NO! He just stood there and told his wife to make them stop. Hello sir, obviously she doesn't care so maybe GROW a pair and tell YOUR kids to um KNOCK IT OFF! Stop acting like you are the perfect stay at home soccer mom and actually put some effort into being that perfect mom.  Back to my three year old niece, I took her trick or treating over the weekend. Was she the perfect angel? No, she is three years old eating candy and cotton candy. However, I will say the only issues we had (my sister (her mom) and me) was keeping her from eating the candy when she got it (trying to explain to a three year old that you have to check the candy doesn't go over very well) and me having to tell her to keep her feet off my light tan seats in the car. Other than that smooth sailing. She proudly went up to every door and yelled trick or treat and said thank you when she received her treat. She was so proud of herself. She said to me every time...I said trick or treat really loud and I said thank you. It was as if she was proud of herself for doing the right thing. I think kids really do enjoy behaving properly and being acknowledged for doing so. Also there was no break down at the end of the night when it was time to go. She was like okay. I saw MANY kids pitching fits, running away from their parents and not saying thank you. Again, parents....DO YOUR JOB!! The best part was the next morning she told my sister that she wanted to call me, so my sister dialed my number, I answered and she said...."thank you Circle (this is her nickname for me) for taking me trick or treat!" I know...too cute and sweet! 

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