Am I Weird?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

So instead of telling you all the things that I am okay with this week ... I thought why not share some things that I wonder if I am okay ... so more like a "is it okay?" kinda day.

Isn't it weird that ...

I always think of the most random moments in my life when I am taking a shower.  Seriously, it never fails some weird memory will come back to me and the entire time I am showering I am also thinking where in the world did this chain of thoughts come from?  Weird?

To stop drinking Starbucks (yes weird) but then go back and think ... YUCK ... this stuff is so bitter and have weird caffeine withdrawals or yet the opposite because duh you just drank it.  Then think why the heck didn't I think to get decaf ... you know like easing yourself back into an addiction rather and overdosing.  But wait ... there's more ... then the lil starbucks app has a 1 on it ... you tap it and TADA free drink reward at your service.  Okay so next time ... totally getting decaf.

I am so far out of the blogging world that when I logged in today I had google reader ... um wasn't that something everyone was talking about going away ... like the blog world was ending and we all had to jump on over to bloglovin?  Is it weird that I have no idea about any of it ... I just blog to blog ... is there something wrong with me?

That random old men add me to their circles on google+ ... who are these guys and where the heck are they finding me?  Isn't it a tad creepy or am I just weird?

So what makes you weird?


  1. Ha ha!! I was thinking of the same about the GReader thing, it is still here?? Did they give an extension or what?

    I have a thing for ink pens, I hoard them and create excuses to buy new packs when I have a million that still have plenty of ink!! SMH

  2. My boyfriend things about life events in the shower too. Everyone once in a while, he'll think of an awkward moment and then curse really loudly.

    7% Solution​

  3. I think it might be considered a tad creepy too...
    I blog to blog too!


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