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What better day to make a fresh comeback than an It's Okay Thursday!

I've done some blog soul searching and discovered that I had indeed lost my roots but I have gained some other great things along the way so those need to be embraced as well.  So here it goes ... my plan:

First off, Friday Fancies are a must have comeback post so tune in tomorrow for my fabulous outfit creation!

Second, I started this blog to WRITE and I haven't done that in a long time.  Some of it was due to writer's block and the other due to convincing myself that no one actually reads anymore because they just want pictures and the ability to move on quickly.  Well tough luck cuz I'm doing some writing. I am devoting one post a week to a new idea ... {here's a little back story} ... a fellow blogger, Stephanie at Bourbon and Glitter, recommended a book Adulting:  How to Become a Grown Up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps by Kelly Williams Brown so I checked it out from my local library and the part that hit me was when the author stated that she always gave advice to her friends and they were always saying ... you should write a book.  That is totally me.  I have dreamed of writing an advice book.  I've even tried having an advice column post which didn't really take off so what can I do with all this advice.  I often think that my friends get a bit tired of me having all the answers so who can I help? {Light bulb turns on!!}  My nieces!!!  As you all know (or now know), I have three adorable little nieces. Marissa (7) and Leah (3) are my sister Nicole's girls and Kaelyn (4) is my sister Debra's girl. When Marissa was born I dreamed of her being old enough to have chats and to give her advice and hello ... she is pretty much there.  Seven ... how are you seven!!  I ask her this all the time.  Anywho, back to my brilliance, so one day a week (exact day yet undetermined) I will do a post, Trust Me Been There. The advice will be things I've learned in life ... some serious and some hilarious because not all advice needs to be some grand speech on how to.  Sometimes it's just an omission that everyone does silly stuff and lives to laugh about it.  So I hope you will join in and feel free to give your two cents on each post.  I'd love for you all to share your stories too!

Third, so I have Fridays and some other day wrapped up so what else is going to be showing up around here?  All that fabulous random stuff that once made my blog, MY BLOG.  If you need a gist, feel free to click round on my blog and see what's up.  

Lastly, thank you all for hanging in there and all your kind words on my last post.  
Here's to my new plan!


  1. I really enjoyed that book, I thought it was a sweet little read, and funny. I'm glad you checked it out!
    I like your idea!! I'm excited to see what you write about :)

  2. I'm so happy that you are back to blogging!! YAY!! Can't wait to hear your advice!!

    Best, Mree

  3. Lovely!! So glad that you had some soul searching and have reached a happy medium for yourself! I really enjoy your fresh perspective here on the blog! Welcome back and I look forward to reading along.

    Happy Friday!!

  4. I love your writing! That post up there about washing dishes is so on point - even though I am a nerd who loves to do the dishes. Looking forward to more "been theres"


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