It's Okay Thursday #35

Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Okay ... 

that blogger decided to change me back to a no comment blogger on its own ... that's cool ... I see how you roll blogger but now ... I got my eye on you.  Problem fixed ... again!  Seriously if you don't receive responses to the comments you post on my blog ... you too have been duped by blogger. Here is how to fix it!  I email everyone back who comments ... so you know if you're missing out on my funny responses!!

that it is already Thursday ... seriously folks ... when am I ever shocked that the week is almost over? NEVER!  Usually I get to Tuesday and think it's Wednesday and then go insane!

that currently I am a crap blogger - look it happens - life sometimes gets in the way, schedules get mixed up, but the fact is admitting it and moving on!  I NEED to sit down and get ahead!  

that being said crap blogger I have barely commented this week ... grrrr!! This bothers me most of all ... but don't worry I will catch up so get prepared to get like 100 comments from me over the next couple of days (this weekend).  

that Marissa probably gave me a cold - I currently can't breathe or swallow ... great!  I always get sick when I spend time with the munchkins ... but it's worth it ... you know one day I will be like push my wheelchair and shut it ... you gave me like a million colds when you were little!

that I am currently at Starbucks with a bunch of old people.  It's hilarious ... retirees and me!  I love my new life!

So that's all I got!
Miss you guys and I'll be back at it soon!
Tune in tomorrow for my Friday Fancies!!

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