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Wizard of Oz

So in case you haven't seen the Spring Issue of Instyle here is one photo from the amazing photo shoot with the gals from Oz the Great and Powerful.  I'm not sure how I feel about a new Wizard of Oz movie but I love the cast.  They are gorgeous and I am loving Mila Kunis' emerald dress!

I have many memories of the Wizard of Oz for example ... I can remember sleeping with water near my bed just in case that wicked witch showed up in the middle of the night ~ I was going to take care of her!  Also, back in the age of dinosaurs like myself cable was a luxury and DVR .. who?  So the Wizard of Oz came on one night a year ... a fabulous night!  However, one year the President {ahem Ronald Reagan} came on and talked and talked and talked and talked about what?  Who cares ... it was Wizard of Oz night shut it up until AFTER!  Like you seriously couldn't wait until the following evening. Anywho by the time he was done I think they were waking up in the poppy field.  Let's just say that I have a hatred of Ronald Reagan that goes WAY deeper than Reaganomics   

Now when the Wizard of Oz comes on TBS runs it back to back ... for an entire day ... or over numerous days ... seriously children these days {shaking head in old lady disapproval} so when it comes on Paul and I always DVR it.  I love that my husband loves the movie as much as I do.  So about a year ago, Marissa (then 5) came over to spend the day.  Well I thought ... why not watch the Wizard of Oz. I seriously forgot that the first time you see it ... it can actually be scary.  I felt sooooo bad. I had to keep telling her ... just keep watching.  The witch gets what she deserves ;-)  We made it through the movie without tears or nightmares ... YAY ... Aunt Circle (yeah that is her nickname for me ... when she couldn't say Mellissa she called me Circle ... now it's just what she calls me) didn't scar you for life.  After that anytime Marissa and I would hold hands while walking she always wanted to sing ... we're off to see the lizard ... too cute I know.  

So what are your Wizard of Oz memories?
Also, when I was young my dad took me to see Return to Oz ... now talk about creepy!
Ever seen it?


  1. I love everything wizard of oz! I've seen Wicked the musical 4 times and its going to be in Dallas this summer so about to be 5. I cant wait for the new movie.
    Love this post.

  2. Apparently when I was little it was my favorite movie and I forced my parents to watch it basically on repeat...I think I've had my fill of Oz for now. Although when I was in Australia, I learned that they call it Oz, so I haven't had my fill of that land of Oz!

    Sorry, that was such a rambling mess...don't judge!

  3. We took our then five-year-old niece to see the stage production of the Wizard of Oz. She kept saying she wanted to give Dorothy a hug. Too cute!

    Also, up until 4th grade my bedroom had a little door to the crawlspace attic. I was certain the the Wicked Witch lived in there and had nightmares for years.

  4. my husband and i think the movie will be a rental, just trying to cut back on going out to the movies but this movie looks good

  5. I couldn't watch the Wizard of Oz when I was a child as I was too scared of the witch!! I still haven't seen the whole movie.


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